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machine failures prediction using MATLAB machine learning toolbox

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zaid rababah
zaid rababah le 1 Août 2022
Hallo MATLAB community,
i am going to do my graduation project in the topic of predictive maintenance for bolts welding in a factory, it will be data driven model using historical failure data, error logs, machine maintenance history and parameters readings.Later on i will try out finding what data may i need to indicate machines health.
actually i am a bit confused about using MATLAB for this purpose ,since i am totally new to machine learning and just started with mathworks machine learning course, would you recommend me to continue in this direction or do you have any other ideas for implementing machine learning into predictive maintenance.
thanks for your time and helpful answers

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Guru Kumaresan
Guru Kumaresan le 7 Sep 2022
It is possible to do the project that you have mentioned with the help of Deep Learning Toolbox. You can check the details of the toolbox here.
Here are some resources that might be relevant to your question:
  1. Fault detection using deep learning in MATLAB
  2. Chemical Process Fault Detection Using Deep Learning


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