How to convert binary segmentation back to RGB but keep circle!

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Hello I am experiencing some trouble I have created a circle around an eye in an image but I want to be able to show the original image over everything and keep the red circle this is what is looks like currently, ive tried insertobjectmask but it hasnt work does anyone have any other options?
grayeye = rgb2gray(eye);
filtersize= [1 1];
avg = fspecial('average',filtersize);
eyeavg = imfilter(eye,avg,"circular");
eyeavgBW = imbinarize(eyeavg,"adaptive","ForegroundPolarity","bright");
clredges = imclearborder(bkgdfilt,8);
Rmin = 40;
Rmax = 100;
[centersDark, radiiDark] = imfindcircles(grayeye,[Rmin Rmax],'ObjectPolarity','dark','Sensitivity',0.9);
circles = viscircles(centersDark,radiiDark,'Color','r');

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Aug 2022
You need to display the original image again. DON'T call it eye since that is a built in function. Call it rgbImage or something, but not eye. Then after you have gotten your circles with imfindcircles, just do this
viscircles(centersDark, radiiDark, 'Color', 'r');

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