SIMULINK ONRAMP 4.2 Basic Logic Further Practise

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I am stuck at the further practice problem where we need a similar output with the help of relational operator to the one obtained with the help of AND operator. I am not getting the graph as specified in the answer.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 9 Aug 2022
Further Practice exercises are not assessed. The signal you see in the assessment pane is for Task 3. The Further Practice says to try to replicate the comparisons in Tasks 1 & 2, not 3.
Go back to task 1 & 2 and try to complete them using the Relational Operator block. You will not be able to complete Task 3 with just relational operator blocks because of the 'AND' condition.
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Rushi Desai
Rushi Desai on 9 Aug 2022
Oh ok thanks, i was trying to compare it to task 3. Thanks a lot for your time though

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