How to rotate some part of image?

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Imran Riaz
Imran Riaz on 10 Aug 2022
Commented: Imran Riaz on 11 Aug 2022
I have dataset of finger images; but some fingers are not captured in straight way; and they are misalighned at some other angle due to which I cannot get mask of that image properly. Now I want to rotate all those fingers only so that background can be removed easily with well alighned fingers. Following is misalighned finger image.
I need images with straight fingers.
How I can do it?
Imran Riaz
Imran Riaz on 11 Aug 2022
This is the masked image in above figure. I also want to remove the black area. But when i apply loop to select the only 1's values and ignore the zeros. The image is cut down from right side and from left side some black portion at bottom side is also present.
So if the fingure is in straight position it can be easily removed.

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