How can I add multiple excel files into a structure?

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Leutrim Mehmeti
Leutrim Mehmeti le 10 Août 2022
Commenté : Leutrim Mehmeti le 16 Août 2022
I am trying to save multiple xlsx files into one structure. Each xlsx file represents a jump (biomechanics data from VICON) and I need to organize my structure in a way that each jump is saved in the same structure ("Data{i}=[];"). The goal for this code is to analyze each jump and compare the same variables (i.e. Lkneemoments in the x direction, Lkneeforce in the z direction) between the different jumps for the same subject. Obviously I will have multiple subjects so I need to have some sort of a field where I am able to locate the different jumps of each subject.
The following code works for one excel file, however I need to be able to load the rest of my files located in the same folder as 'drop_jump.xlsx'.
[num,txt,raw] = xlsread('drop_jump.xlsx');
[R,C] = find(strcmpi('Frame',raw)==1);
for i=1:length(R)
if isempty(IndEnd)
for j=3:size(raw,2)
if ~isempty(raw{IndStart,j})&~isnan(raw{IndStart,j})
if ~isempty(raw{IndStart-1,j})
SubLabel = erase(SubLabel,[" ","-",":","|","(",")"]);
if ~isempty(raw{IndStart-2,j})&~isnan(raw{IndStart-2,j})
Label = erase(Label,[" ","-",":","|","(,",")"]);
Any sort of help or feedback is much appreciated.
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dpb le 10 Août 2022
Wowsers!!! That IS a complex workbook, indeed! It'll take a whole lot of parsing to make anything useful out of that structure, indeed -- although I still don't think burying it inside another structure is likely to be of a lot of help even if you get it stuffed into one.
I guess some sort of generic idea of what needs to be done with the data might help to design a data structure although indeed, when one has multiple cases of same variable the need for the variable names to be unique is somewhat of a disadvantage with table. But, they've still got to be unique in any other format as well -- or just not named and referenced by indices. There might be where a struct or a table inside a table(*) might be and advantage.
(*) Indeed, one can, in fact, have a column variable in a table be another table -- there might be the way to handle the various types. Or, there could be an array containing the types.
I've got another commitment just now; I'll try to look at the spreadsheet in some more detail later on...

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre le 10 Août 2022
Though I would also recommend a solution that uses readtable over xlsread, if you have code that works already, why not turn it into a function and use a datastore to load the data? See our Importing Multiple Data Files video from our Practical Data Science specialization on Coursera for more.
ds = fileDatastore("drop_jump*.xlsx","ReadFcn",@importJump,"UniformRead",true);
Data = readall(ds);
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Leutrim Mehmeti
Leutrim Mehmeti le 16 Août 2022
@Cris LaPierre that worked better than I thought it was going to work. Thank you very much.
@dpb Okay let me play with the my code and see if I am able to come up with something similar to what you are suggesting. Thank you again for your help and feedback.

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