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Parallel for loop problem

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Simone Fiumi
Simone Fiumi le 12 Août 2022
Commenté : Simone Fiumi le 12 Août 2022
I'm running the following code in parallel. The variables of interes are w_b and alpha_b. The problem is that if I pause at a random time and then quit debugging the variables computed up to now are not saved. If i do that without the parallel cicle but with a simple for loop the variables are saved. For example, let's say I stop after 1 hour and I have 5 variables saved using a standard for loop, while with a parfor loop there are no saved variables (they are still equal to 0 as preallocated).
parfor k=1:Nsim
for j=1:size(M,1)
[LL, ~, P, obsmat, nrIterations]=dhmm_em(seq, prior, P_start_b, E,N_btstrp,Y_btstrp);
[w_b(k),alpha_b(k)]=parameters(P,ne,nn,N_btstrp,Y_btstrp,1); % VARIABLES OF INTEREST
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Jeffrey Clark
Jeffrey Clark le 12 Août 2022
@Simone Fiumi, there is no guarenteed order of processing of the parfor indexs. Are you sure you didn't get 5 or more values somewhere (but the same somewhere) in each of w_b and alpha_b vectors? If Nsim is large the run might have filled in end-(0:4:20) and you might not have noticed.
Simone Fiumi
Simone Fiumi le 12 Août 2022
I don't know if that happened or not. Right now it is running and since I don't want to risk I'll wait for it to end completely so that I won't encounter this problem. Thanks.

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris le 12 Août 2022
@Simone Fiumi think of the code running in the parfor as running on some entirely different machine. There is no "debugging" per se. So pausing/stopping the parfor terminates the work entiring including the ability to checkpoint variables.
What you could consider doing is creating a data queue that sends data back to the MATLAB client. The client (outside of the parfor) could view the data queue. For instance:
function sf
D = parallel.pool.DataQueue;
parfor idx = 1:10
[wb, ab] = parameters(P,ne,nn,N_btstrp,Y_btstrp,1);
% Send data back to client
send(D,[wb ab])
w_b(k) = wb;
alpha_b(k) = ab;
function logdata(D)
% Evaluate a snapshot of wb, ab
Not a perfect solution, but might help.
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Simone Fiumi
Simone Fiumi le 12 Août 2022
Yes it could be helpful but unfortunatly I don't how to use and write such functions. Thanks.

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson le 12 Août 2022
You may want to review this thread and use parfeval if the partial results option is something you want.


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