How to find a pattern in an array?

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Susan le 12 Août 2022
Commenté : Susan le 27 Août 2022
Hi All,
I have an array (attached) and I'd like to find where a specific pattern happens in the array.
I know that by knowing the pattern we can find how many times and where in the array this pattern happens using the following code (How to find pattern in an array? - (
clear all
data = importdata('C:\User\Downloads\test\TEST.txt');
A = '118'; % Pattern
B = convertStringsToChars(data{1,1});
SIZE = length(B) - length(A);
match = zeros(1, SIZE);
for i=1:SIZE
match(i) = all(B(i:i-1+length(A)) == A);
output = find(match == 1);
However, my question is if I know a pattern happens X times, say 100 times, in the array while I don't know what the pattern is, Is it possible to find the pattern?
Many thanks in advance!
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Susan le 27 Août 2022
@dpb Thanks for your quick response. Appreciate it. When I knew that only one channel was recorded and the rest were open input channels, I got a t*8 matrix that only one channel had data, and all the rest values/matrix entries were fixed to 3000.
You're right; it is with an open input channel. I haven't grounded the unconnected channels yet, but I will.
Then, if I assume every ten units (or whatever) equals 1mV, then how to interpret the 2*10^3mV of ECG's amplitude?

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