RF CW signal generator in MATLAB/Simulink

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Fumihiko Sato
Fumihiko Sato le 18 Août 2022
Commenté : Fumihiko Sato le 18 Août 2022
Hello everyone,
I am trying to create the CW (Continuous Wave) at the specific frequency (What I want is varry around 900 MHz) like the RF signal generator to use it as an interferer of the primary signal from the transmitter
What I understand is we can just use the sinwave source at desire frequency. Then we will have a signal in frequency domain.
anyway, I tried to simulate using the DSP sinewave and Spectrum analyzer (as shown below) but seems not as I expected (I generated at 900 MHz, stop time = infinity. But center of signal is showing at 0 Hz)
I am not sure there is any misconfigure on my configuration?
So, this is still be possible to simulate the CW source at RF frequency?
Best Regards,
Fumihiko Sato

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Abderrahim. B
Abderrahim. B le 18 Août 2022
Spectrum analyzer block inherits sample rate from the sineWave block, as it is shown on the sinewave wave block the sample rate was not set with respect to sampling theorem ( I assume you know this theorem).
Check the below picture.
f is equal to to 900e6.
Hope this helps.
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Fumihiko Sato
Fumihiko Sato le 18 Août 2022
Dear Issa,
I completely forget about the sampling theorem while doing that.
Really appreciate your help. Thank you.
Fumihiko Sato

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