How to convert hourly observations to monthly mean ?

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Aarti Soni
Aarti Soni le 18 Août 2022
Modifié(e) : Aarti Soni le 16 Sep 2022
Hello everyone,
I have 3hourly data for 10years. The datasets are arranged in different folders, e.g., there are 10 different folders (from 2001-2010) and each folder contains 12 folders (January to December) then each folder has 30 or 31 or 29 .nc files. Dimension of data is 180 X 360 X 4 X 8 (latitude X longitude X number of layers X number of observations in a day).
I want to take the layer wise mean of data. First of all I need to take a layer wise mean of hourly observation which will represent daily mean of data (output will be 180 X 360 X 4) then I need to convert this daily observation into monthly mean (output will be 180 X 360 X 4).
How can I read this data from different folders?
How can I convert the hourly observations into monthly observations?
I hope I am able to explain the question.
Thanks in advance.

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Abderrahim. B
Abderrahim. B le 18 Août 2022
You can use retime function, but before make sure you have a timetable.
% Convert to timetable if you have standard table
TTble_hourly = table2timetable(TTble_hourly);
% Use retime
TTble_MonthMean = retime(TTble_hourly,'monthly','mean') ;
Hope this helps
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Aarti Soni
Aarti Soni le 22 Août 2022
But how can I read the data from different different folders?

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