Simulink Realtime Saved Parameter set does not contain all parameters

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Sandra le 18 Août 2022
Commenté : Chris Zhang le 24 Août 2022
I am running a Simulnk Real-Time application on a SpeedGoat system.
My application has a lot of parameters (>200), I can view & set them all OK in slrtExplorer, and get/set them using a Matlab application GUI.
I am trying to use the Parameter set commands to save and load parameters, but I noticed that not all all parameters are being loaded correctly.
saveParameterSet(tg, 'myParametersH1',0)
But when the Parameter Explorer opens, I can only see ~70 parameters (alphabetically the first 70). So it looks like I cannot access all my parameters!
Does anyone know if there is a limitation on the number of parameters? I tried accessing different 'memory pages' 0 & 1 gave the same results, and >1 resulted in error (getNumPages(tg) = 2)

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Chris Zhang
Chris Zhang le 23 Août 2022
Hi, Sandra,
  1. Speedgoat target only has two memory pages, page 0 and page 1, as the error message indicated.
  2. Not all block parameters are run-time tunable. You can use slrealtime.Application.getTunableParameters() to display all the tunable parameters in your application. Which block and which parameter are you looking for?
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Chris Zhang
Chris Zhang le 24 Août 2022
Hi, Sandra,
Please reach out our customer support. We would like to know what caused the issue and we can provide further support. Thanks!

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