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Best Ways to Save Objects with Coder Support

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Michael le 22 Août 2022
Commenté : Michael le 30 Août 2022
I have a couple of custom classes I've made for my project and I am using Coder to run my code as an executable. I am processing segments of data and generating instances of my objects every few seconds. I want to save my objects during the run or after it has completed for archiving/debugging reasons. I don't see any Coder supported functions for this other than the low level fwrite or fprintf. My only idea so far is to write a script that reads all of the properties of my class, converts them to strings with sprintf, and then writes them to a file. This isn't a clean option and I'd like to know if there is a better way to write objects to disk that is supported for code generation.
FYI: my classes have properties that are mixed data types - some of doubles, some are strings, some are other objects.
I'm afraid the answer is 'Just write your own program that writes you objects to a file.' but I don't want to launch down that path until I've checked in with someone else who might know better than I.

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Nathan S
Nathan S le 30 Août 2022
Unfortunately, Coder doesn't have any good tools for this (aside from fwrite/fprintf). This is a common problem, and we know that Coder's workflows don't make it easy right now. Hopefully we can provide some better tools in a future release, although that doesn't help you much right now.
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Michael le 30 Août 2022
Thanks for the response Nathan. It is good to know that I won't be wasting time building something for myself now that I know there isn't a pre-built option out there. Honestly, the writing isn't the biggest problem. The harder part is reading these variables back in in the future. A coder compatible save and load would be really helpful.

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