I want compare the differences from each block of 10 values to the next block of 10 values until the given 100 sets of values are compared.

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I want to compare first 10 data with the next 10 data using a while loop. I have coded for first 10 values and have obtained the plot. In the same way I need to obtain it for next 10 sets of values until 100 sets of values are completed. For this I need to code using i,j values something in this format x = a(j:j+1). Please help me with this code
close all;
x = a(1:11)
while n < 12
y(n) = a(n) - a(n-1);
n = n + 1

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Jan on 23 Aug 2022
Edited: Jan on 23 Aug 2022
According to the text of the question (but not the posted code):
A = rand(100, 1);
B = reshape(A, 10, 10);
C = diff(B, 1, 1);
while-loops are useful if the limits are determined dynamically. Use a for-loop for known limits or a “vectorised” approach using arrays as above.
Jan on 15 Sep 2022
@Surabhi A S: You ignore my questions for clarificationsm but introduce new information ("Z positive for more than 5 points"), which do not match the formerly given details. The instruction "fall is detected" is not clear.
Of course I could try to guess, what you want, but this is neither efficient nor trustworthy.
Before you can write a program, you need a clear and clean idea of what you want to achieve.

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