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Can any one help me to solve the system of ODE using artificial neural network(ANN) method.

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system of ODE using Artificial neural network(ANN)
dx/dt = a1x -b1y+c1z
dy/dt = a2x +b2y - c2z
dz/dt = c3z+b3y
subject to IC
x(0) = 2 , y(0) = 1 , z(0)= 0
parameter as
a1 =1, b1=-1, c1 = 2, a2 = 1.2 , b2 = 0.4 , c2 = 0.5 , b3 = 1.5 , c3 = 3
To write the Matlab or Python code using ANN method

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David Willingham
David Willingham le 25 Août 2022
Hi Hazrat,
I would recommend referring to this example: Dynamical System Modeling Using Neural ODE as a starting point.


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