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Having created a model of a system in System Composer, is there a way to view a list of all of the connectors in the model?

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The System Composer model incorporates a number of connectors between the ports on the blocks in the model, and all of the connectors have had Stereotypes applied. The connectors will eventually have values applied to each of the Stereotype properties. Is there a way to view a summary of the connector information in the model?

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Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn le 1 Sep 2022
Hi Peter,
Can you try systemcomposer.exportModel('MyModelName') and let me know if that gets you what you need?
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Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn le 12 Sep 2022
What version of System Composer are you using?
The p1 column shows the current value of that stereotype property in the instance model. If you have an analysis function that manipulates that value, the value will be updated and highlighted to signify that it has changed. You can also manually edit the values in the s̶p̶r̶e̶a̶d̶s̶h̶e̶e̶t̶ table.
Query generator
Query generator le 13 Sep 2022
Hi Josh,
I've got Simulink version 10.4 (R2021b) - I'm not sure I can tell whether the System Composer version is the same. However, I've just re-run the instantiation and can now see the parameter values - just what I needed!
Many thanks,

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