Cant implement the heat exchanger (simscape library) in an existing simulink model

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Hey everybody,
im pretty new to simulink so i try to ask precisely.
For my work as a student assistant i need to implement a heat exchanger into an existing model of a fuel cell testing station. I want to use the heat exchanger (TL-TL) out of the simscape library to do so. Unfortunately, i cant seem to get to connect the heat exchanger into the model. I have temperature, pressure and mass flow of the coolant as input signals. I tried to seperate the vector with demux and connect the signals with a S-PS converter to the heat exchanger. Nothing seems to work. What kind of input signals do i need for a heat exchanger? I hope i was able to describe my situation detailed enough.
Thank you in advance.

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 31 Aug 2022
You probably need a few (Controlled) Reservoir (TL)blocks to prescribe the pressure and temperature boundary conditions, and a Controlled Mass Flow Rate Source (TL) to drive the flow. The PS signal converted using the S-PS converter you mentioned can be sent to the reservoir and the source blocks.
Also, it sounds like you are new to Simscape and/or Simulink, you can take advantage of the Simscape Onramp and Simulink Onramp to get an idea of the basics.

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