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How do I install FlexLM on a linux server without x-server in silent mode?

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Dariosh on 19 Feb 2015
Closed: Dariosh on 18 Aug 2015
I want to install Matlab License Manger on a Linux Server for our TAH licensing. This server has no x-server niether display manager. That's the way a linux server should be. But I have problem installing FlexLM from the matlab installation file "install" in silent mode. The product "product.FlexLM" missing in the installer_input.txt file. so I can not install License Manger witout or with matlab in silent mode. My question is: 1) is there a link to download FlexLM alone on mathworks site? 2) is there a way to install license manager without installing matlab on the obove system? Thanks.

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