Artifacts when converting .svg to pdf

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Andrea Candela
Andrea Candela on 2 Sep 2022
Commented: Jan on 3 Sep 2022
I am writing my thesis and i ran into a strange problem when I export the surface .svg files and convert to pdf with acrobat pdf maker.
The surfaces shows weird artifacts as can be seen in the picture below.
By using another function, such as "peaks" the problem is still here and so I think that it's something related to the rendering in acrobat pdf maker printer. Neither changing Matlab version from 2019b to 2022a works.
I tried also to export the file directly from microsoft word and all the lines are thicker than what I see on the screen
I'll attach my .svg file and the code so, maybe, the problem can be reproduced and we can troubleshoot better.
Best Regards

Answers (1)

Jan on 2 Sep 2022
The output is fine, if I open your SVG in Edge and print it to a PDF using doPDF (by the way: version 7, the modern versions are an overkill for my purpose and might contain bloatware).
This means, that Acrobat PDF Maker is the problem. What about using another function for the conversion or exporting the figure as PDF directly in Matlab without the indirection pver an SVG file?
Jan on 3 Sep 2022
@Andrea Candela: As I have said already, the conversion from SVG to PDF works fine for me. If it fails with Acrobat PDF Maker, do not use this software but one of the many other solutions.
If you export to EPS or PDF directly, it should work also. I do not see a reason to give up and using a raster file.
If you need to use Acrobat PDF Maker, ask in a forum for this tool how to convert an SVG successfully. I do not see that this is a Matlab problem.

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