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Logitech G29 Steering Wheel block in Simulink

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Goncalo Torres
Goncalo Torres le 2 Sep 2022
Commenté : reuben le 18 Avr 2024
Hi all,
I am trying to connect a Logitech G29 Steering Wheel to a Simulink block. I found the respective block in the library, however I don't receive any data from the block and there is no information nor example models that show how to use it. I managed to make it work with the Joystick block but still would like to understand why the Logitech block isn't working.
Thank you for the support
Kind regards

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Pravarthana P
Pravarthana P le 6 Sep 2022
Hi Goncalo Torres,
I understand you are trying to read the data from Logitech G29 using the Logitech G29 steering wheel block in Simulink, but unfortunately unable to read the data.
The following may be one of the reasons:
The G29 block can only be used if the steering wheel is connected to a Simulink Real-Time target machine (Speedgoat). It does not execute when the model is simulated on the host PC.
You may use the following references on use of 'speedgoat' with SIMULINK Real-Time for further information:
Hope this information helps you!!
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Amit le 22 Sep 2023
@Goncalo Torres @Pravarthana P, I'm also working on the same project which require connection between G29 driving simulator and Matlab interface. @Goncalo Torres if you are succeed in these efforts, I sincerely request to help me with the same.
@Pravarthana P The provided links in the answer above are not working. Could you please share the alternate or any helpful sources that may help me in this regard.
Thank you.
reuben le 18 Avr 2024
All the reference links provided are not available. Is there any step by step illlustration on how to achieve simulated driving using G29 with MATLAB?

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