How to match colorbar with colormap ranges in surf?

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I have a data set that contains values from a certain electronic circuit (voltages (VL), currents (io) and Load resistances (RL)). The size of these arrays is 10x10(x6). (EDITED. I mistakently said 5 times before)
The following code creates the result shown below:
for vsPtr = 1:numel(Vs) % This loop runs 6 times (EDITED. I mistakently said 5 times before)
io_V1_mat = repmat(io(:, vsPtr), [1,points])';
subplot(3, 2, vsPtr)
cm = colormap(parula(points));
srf = surf(io_V1_mat,RL_mat, VL(:,:,vsPtr) ); % do I need to insert a 4th argument with the cm that I need?
cb = colorbar;
set(cb, 'ylim', [min(min(VL(:,:, vsPtr))) max(max(VL(:,:,vsPtr)))]);
cb.Label.String = 'Load Resitance Node Voltage';
cb.Label.FontSize = 12;
view(70, 50)
grid on
grid minor
box on
axis tight
srf = gca;
srf.YScale = 'log';
srf.XScale = 'log';
srf.XLabel.String = 'Iout [A]';
srf.YLabel.String = 'RL [Ohms]';
srf.Title.String = sprintf('Vs = %0.1f V', Vs(vsPtr));
My question is:
How on earth can I assign the color range from the colobars to the colormap of each plot? (look at the correspondence I am referring to here: I want to assign the color gradient shown in the colorbar to the colormap from each surf plot).
I have tried every proposed solution here in Mathworks without success (pulling my hair here tbh)
Any ideas?

Accepted Answer

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 2 Sep 2022
VL=[2000*rand(10,4) 5000*rand(10,6)];
surf(io_V1_mat,RL_mat, VL, VL )% The fourth input is your values that correspond with the color map
caxis([0 2000])% You can also change the limits of your colormap.
Daniel Melendrez
Daniel Melendrez on 6 Sep 2022
Dear Kevin
My apologies for the late reply
You were absolutely right!
'FaceColor', 'interp'
did the trick
I think this information is explained in the 'FaceColor' section from the surf help page, however, it wasn't so evident for me. Perhaps more examples of the use of this modifier are needed.
Final result:
Thanks for your kind help

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