How to calculating fourier transform?

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Hla Hla
Hla Hla le 9 Sep 2022
Commenté : Hla Hla le 10 Sep 2022
I research 3d volumetric image using deep learning. I am calculating the fourier transform of 3d volumetric image. When calculating that, do you have to calculate two kind of imagedastore and pixcellabeldata.?
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Rik le 9 Sep 2022
Wouldn't it make more sense to denoise the image and store the result in the imagedatastore? Otherwise you force your deep learning system to only work on Fourier-transformed images. I don't have much experience with deep learning, but that seems highly unconventional.
Hla Hla
Hla Hla le 10 Sep 2022
Thanks Sayar

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