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Unable to see Digilent Analog Discovery 2 device in Analog Input Recorder app

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Angelo Cacini
Angelo Cacini le 10 Sep 2022
Commenté : Angelo Cacini le 25 Sep 2022
Hi, I'm able to run successfully the code reported below, but I can't see my Analog Discovery 2 device in the Analog Input Recorder app (nor Analog Output Generator).
I can see the device in the Hardware Manager, but when I click on the device I get the following error message:
Many thanks in advance for any help or advice.
dev = daqlist
dq = daq("digilent")
addoutput(dq, "AD1", "1", "Voltage");
addoutput(dq, "AD1", "2", "Voltage");
ch_out = dq.Channels(1:2);
ch_out(1).Name = "AD1_1_out";
ch_out(2).Name = "AD1_2_out"
addinput(dq, "AD1", "1", "Voltage");
addinput(dq, "AD1", "2", "Voltage");
ch_in = dq.Channels(3:4);
ch_in(1).Name = "AD1_1_in";
ch_in(2).Name = "AD1_2_in"
rate = 300e3;
dq.Rate = rate;
% Specify a 10 Hz sine wave for 1 second.
f = 10;
totalduration = 1;
n = totalduration * rate;
t = (1:n)/rate;
output = sin(2*pi*f*t)';
[data, startTime] = readwrite(dq, [output 2*output]);
plot(data.Time, data.AD1_1_in, data.Time, data.AD1_2_in);
xlabel('Time (s)');
ylabel('Voltage (V)');
title(['Clocked Data Triggered at: ' datestr(startTime)])
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Branislav Korenko
Branislav Korenko le 25 Sep 2022
Modifié(e) : Branislav Korenko le 25 Sep 2022
Actually having the same issue any suggestions why the Analog Input Recorder app doesn't see the AD2?
Thank you and Best Regards,
Angelo Cacini
Angelo Cacini le 25 Sep 2022
no progress from my side, still unable to use Analog Input Recorder app.
As work arround I've used the code posted above.

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Seth Furman
Seth Furman le 12 Sep 2022
I should mention that datestr is discouraged. Prefer datetime where possible.
For example,
dt = datetime("now","Format","dd-MMM-yyyy-HH-mm-ss")
dt = datetime
ans = "12-Sep-2022-20-59-59"


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