Error occurred when exporting Architecture model in system composer

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jincheol Lim
jincheol Lim le 12 Sep 2022
Hello I am jincheol Lim.
I tried exporting Architecture model in system composer follwoing below example.
But there was errror like below
Unable to export model '{0}' because it is not a System Composer model."
Could you help me out?
Even when i used same file in example model(UAVModel) there wa same error.
Thanks you.

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Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn le 15 Sep 2022
Hi jincheol Lim,
It looks like you are passing a cell array to the systemcomposer.exportModel API. Please make sure that you are passing the model name as either a (1,:) char array or a (1,1) string.


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