Error using fzero " FUN must be a function, a valid string expression, or an inline function object"

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jayash on 25 Feb 2015
Edited: INFOZOU on 20 Aug 2017
I am getting errors while using fsolve or fzero in the following code:
U = 1;
while U < 20
eq = @(q) 2.*(1-cos(2.*pi.*q));
hq = @(q,n0) ((eq(q)).^2+2.*U.*n0.*(eq(q))).^0.5;
y = @(q,n0) (((eq(q))+(U.*n0))./hq(q,n0))-1;
a = -0.5;
c = -0.01;
v = @(n0) (integral(@(q) y(q,n0),a,c));
cv =@(n0) n0+(0.5*v(n0))-1;
n0 = fzero(cv(n0),0.1);
hold on
U = U + 1;
Can anyone please help me out?

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 25 Feb 2015
n0 = fzero(cv,0.1);

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 25 Feb 2015
Edited: John D'Errico on 25 Feb 2015
cv is a function handle, i.e., perfectly valid for fzero to work on. It is a function that takes one argument, and returns an output that can be minimized.
cv(n0) is a variable. A number. Well, it would be, if n0 was defined. It may be so in your workspace, as otherwise, you would have gotten a different error before fzero was even entered.
Regardless, cv(n0) is NOT one of the valid things fzero can minimize.
There IS a difference. While you may THINK of cv as being a function of n0, when MATLAB sees the expression cv(n0), it looks around and says to itself, yep, I found n0. I found cv. It will evaluate that expression, then pass it in as an argument to a function called fzero.
Only then does fzero take control. It sees what was passed in, in this case, the variable that contains the result of cv(n0), where again, n0 MUST have been defined in your workspace, else you would have gotten a different error. That value is indeed NOT a function. Just a number. So fzero gets upset and tells you:
" FUN must be a function, a valid string expression, or an inline function object"
So the solution is simple. Remove the (n0) in your calls to fzero or to fsolve, like this:
n0 = fzero(cv,0.1);
INFOZOU on 20 Aug 2017
  • I have changed the objfun=-sum(objvec) because I should to maximize this function
  • I have added the lower bounds zeros(size(obj)) to obtain only positive results of X
  • I have changed the Non linear constraints by the following expression: Qr(nn,1,ii,jj)=min(sum(QA(:,nn,ii,jj)),DE(nn,1,ii,jj)); Qr(nn,2,ii,jj)=min(sum(QA(:,nn,ii,jj))-Qr(nn,1,ii,jj),DE(nn,2,ii,jj));
  • I want to verify if there are a difference in the constraints between: a*x<b and x*a<b and how I change the program for the second case.
I have obtained the following result: > In backsolveSys In solveKKTsystem In computeTrialStep In barrier In fmincon (line 798) In masterFINALMODEL2 (line 249) Warning: Matrix is close to singular or badly scaled. Results may be inaccurate. RCOND = 1.590792e-16.
Solver stopped prematurely.
fmincon stopped because it exceeded the function evaluation limit, options.MaxFunctionEvaluations = 1000000 (the selected value).
exitflag =
fval =
I have tried using the optimisation tool also but there are the same problem and I have obtained the attached results.
Thank you very much for your cooperation

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