Create column into struct if 'if statement' met a condition

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Hi all,
I have a structure and data stored into a table, I'd like to compare data into defined column inside the structure and a column of table, if one of the values inside column of the table is equal to value inside column of strucuture I'd like add a value contained into another (and new) column inside the structure.
To be more precis, so if one of the values contained into 'stored_PCI.SU{:,1}' is equal to value contained into shape_area(i).SU_name, I'd like to add a new column into shape_area with the corresponding value of 'PCI' from table.
I thought about a for cycle, or a cellfun (honestly I never used this function).
I've tried this, but it ain't working.
for i = 1: height(shape_area)
if ismember(stored_PCI{:,1},shape_area(i).SU_name)
% add column;
% do nothing

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Voss on 15 Sep 2022
Edited: Voss on 15 Sep 2022
Here's one way:
% construct a modified version of your variables:
shape_area = [ ...
struct('Geometry','Polygon','Column1','Very Good','Column2',5,'SU_name','115_02'); ...
struct('Geometry','Polygon','Column1','Fair','Column2',3,'SU_name','booey'); ...
struct('Geometry','Polygon','Column1','Not too shabby','Column2',1,'SU_name','114_01'); ...
stored_PCI = table( ...
{'110_7';'114_01';'115_02';'Foxtrot_3';'Whiskey_36'}, ...
{'Fair';'Poor';'Failed';'Fair';'Good'}, ...
[55;40;10;55;70], ...
% initialize PCI field in shape_area struct array with empty character
% arrays:
[shape_area.PCI] = deal('');
% find which shape_area.SU_name match stored_PCI.SU (ism)
% and where in stored_PCI.SU they match (idx)
[ism,idx] = ismember({shape_area.SU_name},stored_PCI.SU);
% set shape_area.PCI to stored_PCI.PCI for those:
[shape_area(ism).PCI] = stored_PCI.PCI{idx(ism)};
% now there are PCI in shape_area:
{'Failed'} {0×0 char} {'Poor'}
I modified your variables because (at least in what's shown) there are no matches.


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