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Today I received an e-mail notification about a message that was sent to me by another contributor via MATLAB Central. There's a reply link inside the e-mail that allows me to answer, which is ok.
But can I also view and reply to such contributor message threads starting from my own community profile inside a web browser (after login, of course), i.e. without having to use the e-mail link?
I feel like I'm overlooking something obvious on my community profile page...

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Sep 2022
Mathworks does not keep track of the message contents.
They probably have some internal security logs about who sent email to whom, for abuse tracking purposes, but that is either just plain text or else in some database with developer interface but no public interface.
What they do do, is embed access tokens as part of the Reply link. The token indicates user number being responded to, and has an expiry time.
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Andres on 14 Sep 2022
Thank you for your answers and thoughts, Image Analyst, John, Walter. I think Walter's answer is the most comprehensive, so I'm going to accept this one.
Let me point out I do not want to circumvent Matlab Central's messaging system with its privacy features and expiry dates. I would just rather use it without having to open e-mails.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 13 Sep 2022
I don't know because I disable people contacting me because I don't want to do offline, free, private consulting. I prefer all communications to be in the Answers forum. But if you want to do that, look around your profile and see if there is anything that might allow you to look at any messages. If you don't see one, then email replies and viewing is probably your only option.

John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 13 Sep 2022
No. And, yes. Sort of. Is that a good answer?
If the person you wanted to contact does not have messaging allowed, then you cannot contact them. Since they contacted you, you must have chosen to allow it in your profile. But if they have not done so, then the only way to correspond with them is via the response link, as you did.
As well, I believe you cannot reply by mail directly. You need to use the reply link, which goes to a web page, where you can then respond to them, but only as a reply through that page.
I'm sorry if you want more than that, but the ability to disallow direct contacts is an important thing to protect the privacy of those who volunteer their time on Answers. Were that not done, then we would find ourselves inundated with direct requests for help by too many people. And once I might answer someone, then what stops them from asking a question directly of me every time they get stuck? And if I were to answer your request, then why should every other request not be as valid? (Personally, I have not disallowed the contact me link in my profile, but I have posted enough codes on the file exchange that sometimes it is necessary for someone to contact me. But I strongly sympathize with those who have disallowed such contact, as I get far too many requests for help, that should have just been posted as questions, or not posted at all.)
The point is, if you have a question about MATLAB, a VALID question, not a request to do your homework assignment, then post it as a question on Answers. That is the main purpose of Answers. It allows people to get help, and others to learn from the answer given. All can win, all can improve in that scenario.


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