Unable to concatenate tables

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SereneGuy on 13 Sep 2022
Commented: SereneGuy on 14 Sep 2022
I am new to Matlab. I use Matlab R2018b.
I have 2 tables (t1 and t2), first one is the size of 931x7, and the other one is 1x7. I want to concatenate them (later I will write it to Excel file).
I tried two ways:
t1 = [t1;t2];
t1 = cat(1,t1,t2);
None of them works, both gave me "Error using vertcat. Dimensions of arrays being concatenated are not consistent".
What did I do wrong?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 13 Sep 2022
You can't have both numbers and characters in the same column, which is what you were trying to do. This works:
colHeaderExcel = {'Time_hour','Speed_ms_per_sec', ...
'LevelTime_hour','Level', ...
reportMatrix = rand(9, 7);
t1 = array2table(reportMatrix,'VariableNames',colHeaderExcel);
t2(1,1).Time_hour = 0 ; '\nStatistics:\n\nAverage Write: xx\nAverate Read: yy\n';
t2(1,1).Speed_ms_per_sec = 0;
t2(1,1).LevelTime_hour = 0;
t2(1,1).Level = 0;
t2(1,1).Entries = 0;
t2(1,1).TotalItem = 0;
t2(1,1).BypassItem = 0;
t2 = struct2table(t2)
t2.Properties.VariableNames = t1.Properties.VariableNames;
t3 = [t1; t2]
t4 = cat(1,t1,t2) % Alternate operation
SereneGuy on 14 Sep 2022
@Walter Roberson Btw, sorry to unaccept the answer. I just tried it, I still see the warning, unfortunately. Any other idea? Or did I miss something?

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