Using load for different files with varying names

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Miraboreasu le 13 Sep 2022
Modifié(e) : Stephen23 le 14 Sep 2022
I have 25 files with .mat files, naming from data1 to data25
how to load them properly without manualy typing from 1 to 25
Here is my idea and the error
for i = 1:1:25
Error using load
Must be a text scalar.

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Akira Agata
Akira Agata le 13 Sep 2022
How about the following?
for kk = 1:25
fileName = sprintf('data%d.mat', kk);
% Some process for each file
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Stephen23 le 14 Sep 2022
Modifié(e) : Stephen23 le 14 Sep 2022
@Miraboreasu: Note that LOADing directly into the workspace often leads to problems processing the loaded data, exactly as your follow-up question indicates:
It is strongly recommended to LOAD into an output variable:
S = load(..)
and then access the fields of S.
Akira Agata
Akira Agata le 14 Sep 2022
Yes, of course it is recommended to load into an output variable, as you mentioned.
Thank you for your additional comment !

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