Create/Export .stl file from a mesh

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I have created a model and used generateMesh function that created a mesh and stored it to a model object.
smodel = createpde('structural', 'static-solid');
importGeometry(smodel, 'SquareBeam.STL');
msh = generateMesh(smodel, 'GeometricOrder','linear','Hmin',50);
Now, I'd like to write this structure to a stl file. I have found stlWrite function in the File Exchange but this function takes faces and vertices as input parameters.
Is there any way I can extract this data from msh object created in the code above?
Thank you.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 15 Sep 2022
You can use the stlwrite function that ships with MATLAB. However, you do need to turn your mesh into a triangulation opject first. I'm not sure I found the best way to do this, but my solution is based on this answer:
smodel = createpde('structural', 'static-solid');
importGeometry(smodel, 'SquareBeam.stl');
msh = generateMesh(smodel, 'GeometricOrder','linear','Hmin',50);
% Extract the edge nodes
N = findNodes(msh,"region","Edge",1:smodel.Geometry.NumEdges);
% Convert to alphashape
shp = alphaShape(msh.Nodes(:,N)');
% Create triangulation
[T, P] = boundaryFacets(shp);
TR = triangulation(T, P);
stlwrite(TR, 'myMesh.stl');
% check result
bmodel = createpde('structural', 'static-solid');
importGeometry(bmodel, 'myMesh.stl');

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