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Formatting of result values.

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Jiapeng le 18 Sep 2022
For example, x=0.0012345678.
How can I get x to be in the format 0.123457*10^(-2). There are six significant digits and if more than six decimal places, which are converted to standard format by rounding.
Thank you!

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Star Strider
Star Strider le 18 Sep 2022
That is not a format MATLAB will do automatically.
I wrote a utility function for my own use for such requirements —
lod = 1;
rfd = @(x,lod) [x*(10.^(-fix(log10(x)-lod+1))), fix(log10(x)-lod+1)]; % Anonymous Function Creating Reformatted Number
Out = sprintf('%.6fE%+d', rfd(x,lod)) % Character Vector With Formatted Output
Out = '0.123457E-2'
Experiment with it if necessary. MATLAB maintains full precision internally regardless of the way the numbers are formatted.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico le 18 Sep 2022
You cannot write it in that form, at least not easily. Yes, you could write a formatting code. But you would need to write it, separating out the exponent, then building it as a string.
You CAN use an exponential format, like this:
format short e
x =
But if you want that specific 10^-2 form, that will take more work.


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