splitting range of rows in separate column

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i have a large excel data. it has two column. i want to splitt every 17 rows in separate column in the same sheet
how can i do it in matlab?

Accepted Answer

Chris on 8 Oct 2022
Edited: Chris on 8 Oct 2022
A = readmatrix('filename.xlsx');
len = size(A,1);
% Make sure array length is divisible by 17.
B = padarray(A,[17-mod(len,17), 0],NaN,'post');
% Reshape each column
wid = size(B,1)/17;
C(:,1:3:3*wid) = reshape(B(:,1),17,wid);
C(:,2:3:3*wid+1) = reshape(B(:,2),17,wid);
% Clear out the zeros in between columns
C(:,3:3:end) = nan;
% Write to file
Is this what you mean?

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