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Difference between Sample time and time step

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Sameer on 9 Mar 2015
Commented: Sameer on 9 Mar 2015
Hello all,
This question may sound ridiculously stupid but still I want to clear my doubts and will appreciate your help. Can anyone please tell me the difference between time step and sample time?
Are they the same?
Thanking you in anticipation!!!


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Sameer on 9 Mar 2015
Thank you for replying. Actually I am not having any specific case at the moment so I was looking for the general answer but as you said it depends on the context so I guess I should wait. Can you suggest a document where I can have the proper idea about both 'Time step and sample time'
David Young
David Young on 9 Mar 2015
Sorry, I don't have a definite recommendation. Wikipedia articles on time series and signal processing could be helpful, but to get reliable definitions of terms, text books in those areas are probably clearest. Also very good to look at is the introductory PDF documentation that goes with the Signal Processing Toolbox and other toolboxes.

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Jan on 9 Mar 2015
What about asking your favorite internet search engine:

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Sameer on 9 Mar 2015
I appreciate your efforts but I asked this question here because I was not able to find the suitable document.

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