Having Matlab automatically choose the directory I am in

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I have a code that references the user directory that I am in:
userDir = uigetdir('C:\','Browse to station directory');
filePath = [userDir,'\station_data_',datestr(now,30),'.txt'];
fid = fopen(filePath,'w');
Then the rest of my code (which is not listed here) executes based on the directory that I choose. I will say that I always want to choose the directory that I am in (The one that is listed on the left side of Matlab under "current folder").
Is there any way to not have to prompt the user to input the directory I am in, and just have Matlab automatically use the directory that I am in when I run the code?
I want to eliminate the need to prompt the user to use the current folder that I am in by having him/her typing it in with the prompt:
userDir = uigetdir('C:\','Browse to station directory');
Any help is greatly appreciated. Respectfully, Charles
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Adam on 11 Mar 2015
p = mfilename('fullpath')
can be very useful if you want a directory that will not change that you can use to create relative paths from. It returns the full path of the currently executing m-file.
If you are happy that your current user directory will always be the one you wish to append to though then the cyclist's answer below is the correct one.
I added this as a comment though as it is a useful function to know about when you need to use code relative to certain directories.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 11 Mar 2015
Edited: the cyclist on 11 Mar 2015
pwd returns the current directory. On Unix-based machines, the tilde (~) is shorthand for the current directory.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Mar 2015
I would not do that. I virtually never use cd. I would take the advice of the FAQ and just keep track of and use the folder and use full filenames all the time. See the FAQ for code samples: http://matlab.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ#Where_did_my_file_go.3F_The_risks_of_using_the_cd_function.


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