i need to model this pneumatic cycle using Simscape

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This model represents a real physical system in Automation Studio
-I am trying to model it using SimScape (to see the inflation and deflation times), but I have encountered two challenges.
In a real system, there are more elements that do not exist in SimScape fluid, for instance, a pressure regulator.
There are a number of parameters that are not included in the datasheet i have for DirectionalValve (G)
I made this model and when I run it, it shows the following error:
Thank you so much in advance

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 22 Dec 2022
The A-port of the two-way direction valve is connected to Pressure sensor, which allows no flow, so no flow can occur in this network. You will need a way to specify the boundary conditions in your model, like inlet & outlet temperature and pressure. The easiest way is to use the Reservoir (G) block. The absolute reference block you have now represents 0 Pa of pressure and 0 K of temperature. It's useful as a reference point for Pressure and Temperature sensors, but not good as boundary conditions. If the pressure source in your model is trying to get B port pressure higher than A, the reference block at the B end will then force the A port to have negative absolute pressure, and break all rules of thermodynamics :p


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