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Yao Li
Yao Li on 13 Mar 2015
Answered: Quang-trung luu on 8 Oct 2018
I just installed Matlab r2013a. It looks good, but I can't get used to the hotkey Ctrl+G. Previously, if you press Ctrl+G, a window pops up and you can choose to goto lines or sections, but now in MATLAB 2013a, the only option is goto line#. If you want to goto a section, you have to click the "Go To" button on the toolstrip and select the section name. It's not convenient at all. Is there any hotkey to show the section list in MATLAB 2013a?

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Quang-trung luu
Quang-trung luu on 8 Oct 2018
I didn't find any solution to this, but you can make the "Go To" shortcut appear on the Customize Toolbar to use. It's definitively faster than going to Editor/Go To.


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