The easiest way to learn matlab?

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Vlad Skill
Vlad Skill on 21 Oct 2022
Answered: Image Analyst on 21 Oct 2022
I have been learning Matlab for around 8 months , but I'm still not confident in my skills.
Anyway, I would really like to improve my Matlab skills but I’ve struggled to make it interesting as I am a visual learner. I have tried to pass some courses online here but it's diffucult to do some things by myself , I often get stuck on the smallest errors and it gets so overwhelming and I give up. So can you give advice how to grow or suggest some inspiring resources.

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Hiro Yoshino
Hiro Yoshino on 21 Oct 2022
I would reccomend the official training courses available both online and instructor-led manner.
Some of the basic courses are provided for free, plus if you are lucky your organization may have an organization-wide contract where you can take some non-free online training courses for free (since your organization pays for).
I would say you should learn from the company that provides MATLAB, which is apparently MathWorks.
Next thing is probably tracing the samples and codes on Documentation. This is always a starting point for anyone.
Also, Cody is a fun way to learn MATLAB. This is a series of small MATLAB questions.
Good luck.

John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 21 Oct 2022
Edited: John D'Errico on 21 Oct 2022
The easiest way? Why must there always be an easy way to truly learn something well, developing some real expertise at it? Have you heard the old rule about 10,000 hours? No, I am not going to suggest that to do anything at all using MATLAB, you must be a true master of it. But the more time spent at a task, the better will you be. You need to learn to think as a programmer.
The easy way is just time invested. Make mistakes, try a different approach. Write code, then rewrite it in a better way. ( I recall one significant piece of code I wrote 7 times. Each time it improved, becoming faster, more efficient, more user friendly, more capable with each instance of course.) And now that I think of it, I've since written two more versions.
Read the forums, here, and other places. I still learn new things on Answers, after having used MATLAB for longer than many of the people who will read my answer have been alive.
A personal favorite of mine is to solve problems, using MATLAB to solve interesting problems that push my own limits. For this, perhaps the best are the Project Euler problems, with now many hundreds of them listed. (I ran out of steam after solving over 300 of them, so if you do better than that you have arrived. :) At least the first few are pretty easy, but as you go more deeply, you will learn much. You can also learn a lot of mathematics from them, as well as computing skills you never knew existed.
A (generally) slightly easier source of problems are the Cody problems, found right here on MATLAB Central. These can form a great test of your skills as you improve, though I have often observed that to write the best scoring solution often involves using various hacks that are not relevant to good programming skills. So try to avoid the hacks.
Just keep on pushing yourself, using MATLAB. Don't give up. And before you know it, you will see your skills improving.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Oct 2022
This has ben asked and discussed before. See this thread:

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