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how to export roboflow annotation to .mat file

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abdullah al-dulaimi
abdullah al-dulaimi le 23 Oct 2022
how to export roboflow annotation to .mat file

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Rohit Kulkarni
Rohit Kulkarni le 29 Août 2023
I understand that you want to convert Roboflow annotations to the .mat format.
Unfortunately, there is no direct method for doing this.
However, you can export the annotations to other formats like PASCAL VOC XML and COCO JSON.
Afterward, you can utilize MATLAB's built-in functions, such as xml2struct for XML format and jsondecode for JSON format to convert the annotations into a MATLAB structure. Finally, you can save it as a .mat file using the "save" command.
% Save the converted annotation data as a .mat file
save('annotations.mat', 'annotationData');
Find the documentation fir the above functions here:
Hope it help!

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