Storing products in a folder in my directory

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So I have a script that reads data with urlread and then stores the data in a .txt file. I store the working directory I am in in a variable called "filePath" and then when I create the text file, I store that text file in my directory.
userDir = pwd;
filePath = [userDir,'\station_data_',datestr(now,30),'.txt'];
fid = fopen(filePath,'w');
This is similar to a question that somebody helped me out with last week. But what I want to do is store the text file in a folder that I create on my directory. I will call this folder "products"
Any help is much appreciated.
- Charles

Accepted Answer

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 16 Mar 2015
mkdir and fullfile are your friends here.
fullfilepath = fullfile(userDir,'products','dfjksdf.txt')

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