Horizontal Field of view

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Pravindkumaran Baskaran
Pravindkumaran Baskaran le 28 Oct 2022
How can i find horizontal field of view with given information like the dimensions of the image(W * H), diagonal sensor dimension and focal lengths ?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 29 Oct 2022
The field of view depends on the distance of the scene to the lens of course.
In the simplest case you can use the thin lens approximation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thin_lens
(1/image distance) + (1/object distance) = 1/focallength
As you focus the lens the image distance changes. You also know that the tangent of the principal ray is the same for both object (scene) and image on the sensor. So (scene FOV / Object distance) = (sensor width / image distance). For an in-focus scene, the image distance is the focal length.

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