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how can be more significan digits in data tips used in figure plots?

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Brasco , D.
Brasco , D. le 19 Mar 2015
Commenté : paul harder le 16 Fév 2016
I use MATLAB for science, and I often need more than 4 significant digits.
Every time I use Data Cursor in a figure's GUI, I need to manually right-click on the point, Select Text Update Function... or Edit Text Update Function..., and navigate to the folder where I saved the function whose callback prints more than 4 (e.g. 8) significant figures.
This is annoying and there should be a way to automatically change this.
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paul harder
paul harder le 16 Fév 2016
I also am looking for this answer. I've found a few proposed solutions online, but it seems that they do not work in the latest release of Matlab.

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