Error in savefig command

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Konstantinos on 19 Mar 2015
Edited: Konstantinos on 19 Mar 2015
I used the following code in matlab in odrer to save my figures:
FolderName = tempdir; % Your destination folder
FigList = findobj(allchild(0), 'flat', 'Type', 'figure');
for iFig = 1:length(FigList)
FigHandle = FigList(iFig);
FigName = get(FigHandle, 'Name');
savefig(FigHandle, fullfile(FolderName, FigName, '.fig'));
Adjust the FigName to your needs.
but I get this: "Undefined function 'savefig' for input arguments of type 'double'." My version of Matlab does not have the command "savefig". Can anyone help me by giving me the code of this command, or propose to me an alternative way of saving my plots automatically in a folder of my choice ?

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