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Take number from excel in App Designer

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Daniel le 2 Nov 2022
Hi, I want to load numbers from my excel, I first used readcell but it gives me this error:
I have this numbers, and I used xlsread, it works but only worked for the first 9 (all cells from C3 to C11), but when I try to read the others (C13 to C24) gives me the same error.
Theres a way to read numbers using readcell (or another option), and if I need to use xlsread, why the firsts works perfect but the next numbers no?

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Hiro Yoshino
Hiro Yoshino le 2 Nov 2022
readcell returns a "cell" value but not a double scalar. This is where you made a mistake.
Let me convert cell to double.
First, let's generate cell sample:
c = {1}
c = 1×1 cell array
and this can be converted to double as follows:
cmat = cell2mat(c)
cmat = 1
ans = 'double'
The cmat is a double scalar and this is the data format that your components asks for.

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