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How to zoom in in Simulink's Matlab Function window?

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Jan Bartels
Jan Bartels le 7 Nov 2022
I zoomed out all the way in a Simulink Matlab Function codeblock using Ctrl + Mousewheel Back. However, Ctrl + Mousewheel Forward, nor any other keyboard combinations I can think off will zoom me back in. I am currently looking at Matlab code for ants:
with no way to remedy the situation. Ctrl+NumPad(+) doesn't work either. Any ideas?
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Jan Bartels
Jan Bartels le 7 Nov 2022
Closing Simulink and re-opening it put it back at regular size but that seems more a workaround.

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Youssef Noureddine
Youssef Noureddine le 10 Nov 2022
Hi Jan,
I work at MathWorks and I wanted to quickly let you know that I have forwarded your feedback to the MATLAB Function Block team. In the meantime would you be able to check your display settings, what is currently the scaling percentage you have set for your monitor? Setting it to 100% should allow you to zoom in/out regularly again.
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Jan Bartels
Jan Bartels le 10 Nov 2022
Well I be damned, my display scaling was set to 125%, which seems to be the default on my laptop. Setting it to 100% fixed the issue. Thanks!
Youssef Noureddine
Youssef Noureddine le 21 Nov 2022
Hi Jan, one more thing, using CTRL+0 resets the scaling of the function block to it's original size (100%). Good to consider if you prefer having a display scaling at a value other than 100%. Just adding this incase you prefer this workaround.

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