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How to adjust Java heap space while updating license file? Can't open MATLAB to increase heap space

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I'm on Windows 10, currently have MATLAB 2018a (Student edition) and am currently trying to update my license file with a R2022b installer (also for students).
It's not working because I get the error 'Java heap space' and MATLAB closes/crashes. See below for screencapture.
I have looked this problem up and it requires you to increase Java heap space. However, the steps require you to open MATLAB first--this is clearly not something I can do because I'm stuck at step one.
What recourse do I have? Is there a way to adjust Java heap space from outside the application with a configuration file or something?
Thanks in advance for the help--I need MATLAB for my studies.

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Guru Kumaresan
Guru Kumaresan le 11 Nov 2022
I understand that you are not able to open MATLAB itself, for increasing your java heap space.
Hope this helps!


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