I want the number of rows that have bigger than 0 or 1

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For example i have the matrix A=[2 3 1; 4 7 6; 1 9 1; 1 0 1] and i want the overall number of the rows that have bigger than 1 price. To this exammple the number i should get is 3,because the max price of the last row is 1.

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per isakson
per isakson on 23 Mar 2015
Edited: per isakson on 23 Mar 2015
Is this what you look for
ans =

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Guillaume on 23 Mar 2015
sum(any(A > 1, 2))
  • A > 1 compare the matrix to 1, this returns a matrix of logical
  • any(X, 2) returns a column vector that is true if any of the row element is true, so any(A>1, 2) is a column with 1 for any row that as at least one element >1.
  • sum(X) sums all the ones for the rows that have at least one element greater than 1, so is the number of rows that you want

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