code not working in MATLAB 2020b

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downloadFolder = matlab.internal.examples.downloadSupportFile("audio","");
showing error:
Error using exist
The first input to exist must be a string scalar or character vector.
Error in matlab.internal.examples.downloadSupportFile (line 38)
if ~exist(localfile,'file')
Error in EmotionRec (line 39)
downloadFolder = matlab.internal.examples.downloadSupportFile("audio","");

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Nov 2022
You appear to be using an older version of MATLAB. Use
downloadFolder = matlab.internal.examples.downloadSupportFile('audio','');

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Brian Hemmat
Brian Hemmat on 10 Nov 2022
I can't reproduce this from my end (the download works fine).
Can you print the results of ver?
EHIJAS KV on 11 Nov 2022
thanks for your response now issue solved

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