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ennes mulla
ennes mulla le 10 Nov 2022
Hello everyone.
I have a set of data that shows the measurement of multiple solar panels where each has its own generated energy
the data is almost 60 columns where the first one is the timestamps and the rest are the measurement of each panel. I need to clean the outliers of each column, I have tried multiple functions but it didn't work. For instance, using
However, it can be applied if I can extract each column alone and then use and when I plotted the data I still could see clearly a lot of outlier (or points of measurement that is really overshooting). Can you help me, please? I am looking for a robust solution that I can apply without the need to extract each column separately. I have attached the data file to this question
Many thanks in advance
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Andy le 10 Nov 2022
What do you want to do with an outlier, remove the value or replace it with something i.e. NaN. If you remove it then do you want to remove all the data for that date..
ennes mulla
ennes mulla le 10 Nov 2022
yes but how to detect them in the first place?

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre le 10 Nov 2022
If you process your data in a live script, consider interactively exploring different ways to detect and remove outliers using the Clean Outlier Data live task. See here:


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