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Why i get empty (black image) when extract the pixel label data

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abdullah al-dulaimi
abdullah al-dulaimi le 17 Nov 2022
Commenté : yasmin ismail le 10 Oct 2023
when i extract pixel label data to path forlder i founded the images empty (black images)!!

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Navya Singam
Navya Singam le 23 Nov 2022
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yasmin ismail
yasmin ismail le 10 Oct 2023
@Navya Singam I used you the link above, it helped to show the label images but how to use it to find jaccrad index , the labeled image already black and gives low jaccard index as shown in attached images and following code:
A = logical(imread('7001-236.png'));
BW_groundTruth =logical(imread('Label_1.png'));
similarity = jaccard(A(:,:,1), BW_groundTruth)
similarity =

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