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I would like to store the montly_average data from the for loop in a 6x1 cell array where each element is a 12x1 cell array of the months.
for i=2000:2005
for j=1:12
monthly_average=mean(data_file(3,data(1,:)==i & data_file(2,:)==j))
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Nov 2022
years = 2000:2005;
months = 1 : 12;
num_years = length(years);
num_months = length(months);
monthly_average_cell = cell(num_years, 1);
for year_idx = 1 : num_years
i = years(year_idx);
month_cell = cell(1, num_months);
for month_idx = 1 : num_months
j = months(month_idx);
month_cell{month_idx} = mean(data_file(3,data(1,:)==i & data_file(2,:)==j));
monthly_average_cell{year_idx} = month_cell;
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Matlab_G on 21 Nov 2022
Thank you so much! it works perfectly

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