How can I make a string array consisting of strings with numerical suffixes?

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I want to make a 50x1 array that consists of 'sub01', ‘sub02’, ‘sub03’, ‘sub04’, …, ‘sub50’.
And this is my code, but it doesn't work
for i=1:50
Sub(i,1) = str2num("sub%2d",i);
Error using str2num
Incorrect number of arguments. Each parameter name must be followed by a corresponding value.
Please help me ☹️

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 23 Nov 2022
Edited: Cris LaPierre on 23 Nov 2022
str2num won't work with a word ("sub"). It's also unnecessary if you are using sprintf.
One other correction I would make is in how you preallocate your array. The empty brackets initializes your variable Sub as a double, so all strings will appear as NaN. You need to initiallize as an empty string.
Try something like this.
Sub = strings;
for i=1:50
Sub(i,1) = sprintf("sub%02d",i);
% view result
Sub = 50×1 string array
"sub01" "sub02" "sub03" "sub04" "sub05" "sub06" "sub07" "sub08" "sub09" "sub10" "sub11" "sub12" "sub13" "sub14" "sub15" "sub16" "sub17" "sub18" "sub19" "sub20" "sub21" "sub22" "sub23" "sub24" "sub25" "sub26" "sub27" "sub28" "sub29" "sub30"

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Nov 2022


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