Doesn't work brush on appdesigner aplication

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natalia Opazo
natalia Opazo le 23 Nov 2022
I'm trying to create a brush into appdesigner and I did it (as "mlapp" it works). However, when I transform it from "mlapp" file into an application ".exe" it doesn't work. For instance, In the following example, the scatter is plotted but the brush is missed (the icon brush doesn't appear or if it does, it doesn't work). I have tried several examples and I have the same problem when the "exe" file is created.
For instace:
app.UIAxes = uiaxes(app.RightPanel);
x = rand(20,1);
y = rand(20,1);
In this case, the brush icon appears but if I push it, it doesn't work (on the "exe" file). On "mlapp" it works.

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Jiri Hajek
Jiri Hajek le 24 Nov 2022
In general, not all functions and features of MATLAB that are available in interactive mode, are also available in deployed apps. See documentation on deployable features here.


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